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Balchik is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian sea resorts. The town’s unique location, magnificent botanical gardens, ecologically clean sea water and velvet beaches all add up to its irresistible appeal. The area has been inhabited since ancient times and guests are sure to feel its magic.

Historical proof has been found that the area of modern day Balchik has been populated since the times of the Ionians, or approximately 5 c. BC. There have always been an abundance of karst springs in the Balchik area and therefore it was once called “Kruni” (derived from the Greek word for spring). There is also a legend which states that in later times Balchik was named Dionysopolis – after the name of the Greek god of wine and marry-making, whose statue was washed ashore by the sea. The settlement received its contemporary name when it became part of the Gina Bair stronghold and came under the rule of the boyar Balik. The Palace with its famous botanical gardens was built by queen Maria at the time when Balchik was under Romanian dominion.

There is a great choice of interesting places to visit both in the town of Balchik and its vicinity. One such tourist attraction is the Tuzlata region, known for its modern balneotherapy center.

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